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Conor Maynard admits he has a crush on Rita Ora

Conor Maynard has revealed that he has taken a fancy to Rita Ora.

Both Maynard and Ora are rising stars in the music business and it seems like the 'R.I.P' singer is having something of an effect on Maynard.

The 'Vegas Girl' singer told The Sun that not only is she a bit of a looker, she is also a close friend too. When asked if he has a celebrity crush, Maynard replied:

"I've got to say Rita Ora. She's on my record, she's a close friend and she is so beautiful."

The youngster also commented on comparisons between himself and Justin Bieber, something which he believes stems from their YouTube roots. He said:

"I think the comparisons with Justin Bieber are always going to be there because we've made it in the same way, by getting noticed on YouTube. If I'm going to be compared to one of the biggest stars in the world it's a cool feeling, but in terms of the music I think we're different."




Watch Conor Maynard perform 'Can't Say No' below: