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Blue's Lee Ryan in foul-mouthed Twitter meltdown

Blue star Lee Ryan has heavily criticised his ex-girlfriend in an acerbic Twitter rant.

The singer went into a rage after appearing to state that his former partner Samantha Miller, who split with Ryan in 2010 after he was charged with assaulting her, has been selling stories about him.

Ryan tweeted last night (October 22) that he was drinking wine and writing a horror film - before launching into expletives and anger. He said:

"No I've had enough of it!!!!! I'm only a person!!! I've had enough. Loved ones selling stories!!! Takes the p*ss!!!! Press takes the *iss. selling my story on my abusive relationship over the last 5 years!!! All the sh*t I've been through. Sick of it! Now you'll know the truth."

He continued: "You can't say sh*t Sammi! Telling me your gonna sell a story as a weapon hopefully this will shut you the f*ck up!!! Stop using who i am. I honestly couldnt care less!! Do your worst!!! I've set it up!!! Tell me your gonna sell another story! Good! Hope all you f*ckers enjoy it."

Ryan then appeared to post the mobile number of a journalist his former girlfriend has spoken to, adding:

"F*ck all u w*nkers on here!!! Some people have killed themselves over twitter!!! This sight should be banned!!! Sorry, will never be on twitter again. I think this sight is actually wrong."

Ryan has kept to his word and at the time of writing has not returned to post anything on Twitter.




Watch Blue's cover of Stevie Wonder's 'Signed, Sealed, Delivered' below:


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