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Lil Wayne coy about charity work

Superstar rapper Lil Wayne wishes people didn't know about his charity work.

The hip hop heavyweight launched nonprofit One Family Foundation in 1997 in Seattle, Washington, and has worked alongside students in a youth mentoring program since.

Lil Wayne would prefer his charitable efforts to go unnoticed, but knows this isn't the case with his manager around.

He told MTV News: "To be totally honest with you, that's Cortez. If it was left up to me, then y'all still wouldn't know what I'm doin'."

Aside from helping other children, Lil Wayne enjoys nothing more than being a father to his four offspring - Reginea, Dwayne III, Cameron Cater and Neal.

He gushed: "There's nothing better than that, period — being a father. I've done so many things... I don't get no joy like the joy I get being a father. Simple things like helping my daughter with her homework. Simple things like putting my sons to sleep."




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