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Producer Zedd talks Gaga's 'ARTPOP': 'It's challenging and there are no limits'

Russian-German producer and DJ Anton Zaslavski, aka Zedd, has opened up about working with pop sensation Lady Gaga on her forthcoming new studio album, 'ARTPOP'.

Speaking exclusively to Digital Spy about their collaboration on the project, Zedd explained that most of the raw audio was recorded during Gaga's most recent tour: "We laid down the musical parts and then I could clean it up in a proper studio afterwards. Seriously, we've been working with the worst speakers you can imagine! That said, her lyrics or vocals won't sound any worse just because she did it in a hotel."

He added that in terms of the musical style of 'ARTPOP' anything goes and it's been fun to work on a project free from limitations and genre boundaries: "There's just been no limitations at all. No set genre, song length, anything. I'm not afraid to show her the least commercial idea I have. She has a certain way of writing and she likes it to be challenged on the production."

"She's just doing what she wants to do," he confirmed.

When asked if they've spent time working together in the same room or if their partnership has been more centred around emails and phonecalls, the talented producer confessed that they try to do as much in person as they physically can:

"We've actually been together for most of the sessions. We spent a few months together in LA a while ago and then I went on tour with her in Asia for almost two months. After the shows we would set up a studio and work on the track. We tried to avoid working solely over email as it's hard to bounce off each other's ideas that way."





Watch Gaga perform 'Hair' at a recent concert on her Born This Way Ball tour: