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Macklemore: 'It has been a struggle to stay sober since finding fame'

Rapper Macklemore has revealed that his rise to fame has taught him a lot about temptation and the importance of staying sober.

The hitmaker, who stormed the charts with his breakthrough track 'Thrift Shop', admitted that he has struggled with drug and alcohol addiction in the past and even spent time in rehab, so has found his new lifestyle to be very challenging where not slipping into old habits is concerned:

"The last three months haven't been good for me - the pressure, the expectation, the lack of sleep, the stress, the travelling. I can't escape Macklemore. I just want to get the f**k out of my own head."

He added that keeping perspective is crucial and it has been a struggle to remain sober while dealing with such craziness: "It's been a struggle the past year. It's very important to go into the rooms of AA, smell the s**tty coffee and be reminded that without sobriety, I would have no career."

"I spent a lot of my life rapping and not making enough money to live, and gratefully, that's not the case anymore. But not having a foreseeable end date in sight is a little bit scary."





Watch his video for 'Otherside', in which he raps about addiction, below: