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Siva from The Wanted's sister: 'I haven't seen him for nearly 18 months'

Hazel Kaneswaran has revealed that her brother Siva's fame with boyband The Wanted comes at a price because he hasn't seen some of his family members in over a year. quotes her as saying that she hasn't spent time with the 'Glad You Came' heartthrob in 18 months, which is sad as they were a close family: "I haven't seen Siva in nearly 18 months, nobody has seen him. He is in the States all the time."

"However, he's going to come home in June to do a gig in Cork and he's going to see my mum then."

35-year-old Hazel added that she has a great relationship with Siva and his twin brother, Kumar, because their father died when they were young so she would help look after them:

"We're a very close family and I have a special bond with the twins, Siva and Kumar, because I was 12 when they were born, so I changed their nappies. It's lovely to see him going on – finally one of us is holding the torch."





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