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The Maine chat with Pressparty about London's Warped Tour, artistic integrity, and devoted fans

'I Must Be Dreaming' hitmakers The Maine recently sat down for an interview with Pressparty and opened up about the impressive success they have enjoyed to date, their fan base, and their excitement over London's upcoming Warped Tour date. 

Drummer Pat Kirch spoke exclusively to us and explained that it has been quite a journey to get where they are today and they've loved every minute of it. He also talked about the band's new album, 'Forever Halloween', which was released over the summer, and confessed that changing up the recording process has redefined how they look at making music. 

1. The Maine! Hello! You've been touring tirelessly for years now and have performed all over the world - do you have one career highlight you could share with us?

It would be impossible to pick just one moment but I think the first time we did a headlining tour was something really special for us. It was great to see that people actually wanted to see our band play. It seems like every year there is something new that we get excited about and just the fact that we are continuing to do what we love is amazing for us. 

2. We love your new record, ‘Forever Halloween’, and it’s interesting that you chose to record it live through analog tape instead of the usual digital format. What prompted that decision and what impact do you think it had on the finished album?

I think we just wanted to push ourselves and do something outside of our comfort zone. We had been making albums in the same fashion for 5 years and wanted some change. We decided to record with Brendan Benson and he has always done records without any digital editing so it just seemed like the perfect time to try it. It had a huge impact on the record in the sense that it just has a different vibe and energy to it that you can not get recording the other way. I think the process changed how we will continue to make records.  

3. You’re going to be performing at London’s Warped Tour next month in November – are you excited about it? What have your previous Warped Tour experiences been like as a band and how do you think the UK will compare to the usual U.S. run (we saw you play at Warped in '09 at Nassau Coliseum and you were great!)? 

We are very excited about it, we have not played the Warped Tour in years so it will be great to be back. We also have yet to play any type of festival show in the UK so we are excited to experience that and play in front of new people. Not really sure how it is going to compare to the tour in the states but we are ready for whatever comes our way! 

4. It’s no secret that you guys have a really strong and devoted fan base, do you have any stand-out fan moments that come to mind? Any unusual gifts or crazy things that have happened with fans?

In Brazil some fans waited outside the venue for 4 days before our last show there. That is a really dedicated fan haha! 

5. How did the decision to release ‘Forever Halloween’ independently influence your creativity? Were there any rules to abide by – self-imposed or otherwise – you had to follow or did you have complete control in the music you made for it?

We felt very free and like we could do whatever we wanted, I think that having Brendan there to guide us a little was a big help. At the end of the day it was up to the 5 of us what made the cut and what kind of record we were creating. That is a freedom that we have been after for years and it feels great to be in this place now where we do not have to worry about what people that sit behind desks all day think about our music. 

6. Your songs have been used in a lot of TV shows (MTV’s ‘The Hills’ for example) and we’re wondering what you think makes them so relatable and anthemic?

That kind of stuff is so beyond me, if we knew what made people connect with certain songs we could just write those all but that is not how it works. Some songs just have a magic to them. 

7. So you went old school with recording your latest album, but what do you think about the rise of social media as a band? Do you like having things such Twitter available so that you can connect with fans and promote/release new material or do you think it can be a little too intrusive? 

We love social media and what it can do to connect with people who listen to our music, I think it has made it possible for us to be a band this long. We are always looking for new ways to tweak these tools and make them our own and do what we want with them. I think what is so great about the internet is that you can make it whatever you want, you can share a lot of share a little. We have found our own way to manage these types of online relationships and then try and connect with the same people in person at the shows. 

8. And finally, if you could go back and give your 15-year-old selves one piece of advice or tell yourself something valuable you have learned, what would it be?

I would say just keep doing what you are doing and have fun. You need to learn from your mistakes and there is not much anyone can tell you, you need to work hard and do what you love and not think about what others will think! 

Check out The Maine performing at London's Warped Tour on Sunday, November 17 at the Alexandra Palace. Watch The Maine's music video for 'Love & Drugs' below: