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A$AP Rocky to Miley Cyrus's sister: 'You look like Hannah Montana'

Rapper A$AP Rocky was left red-faced recently after telling the older sister of former Disney starlet Miley Cyrus that she looked a lot like Hannah Montana during an interview. 

The 'F**kin' Problems' hitmaker was chatting to Brandi Cyrus, who was acting as a correspondent for U.S. network Fuse at a charity event this week, when he told her: "You look like Hannah Montana. You ever get that?"

Brandi laughed and said: "I do get that. Do you wanna know why I get that? Because she's my little sister."

A rather embarrassed A$AP quickly diffused the awkwardness and replied: "Oh s**t. I feel like a complete total a**hole! I know who you are now, my bad. I didn't even say Miley - I said Hannah... But you look better. Oh man, no beef Miley, no beef. I'm sorry!"






Watch A$AP Rocky's music video for 'Phoenix' below: