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'American Idol' finalist Angie Miller: 'Adam Lambert and I instantly clicked'

Singer Angie Miller, who was a finalist on 'American Idol' during season 12, has revealed that meeting and striking up a friendship with vocal powerhouse Adam Lambert was important because he has ended up teaching her so much about the career and the music industry alike. 

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter about the bond they have, Miller explained that he helped her understand the business side of what she was getting into by becoming a recording artist and has been a pillar of support since leaving the show:

"When I met him, it was kind of like an instant click because we know what each other went through. He said a lot of great things about what is going to happen after 'Idol'. He gave a lot of hints about what do when it was over. I don’t know the business side of things at all. I never had a reason to know about lawyers and contracts, and he helped a lot with that side of things."

Miller added that being able to perform alongside Lambert and British songstress Jessie J was overwhelming and she's so honoured that they both took time out for her:

"Singing with both Adam Lambert and Jessie J was the most unreal thing ever. They were so genuine and nice, and cared about working with me. It was great seeing that such huge stars have genuine hearts, and it's just a good example for me. If I ever get to that point I want to be just like they were."






Watch Lambert and Miller perform a duet on 'Titanium' below: