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Mariah Carey reveals what she would be doing if music hadn't taken over

Vocal sensation Mariah Carey has revealed what career path she would have taken if music hadn't worked out for her

She told ELLE magazine that she loves cosmetics and the beauty industry, and for a while wanted to pursue becoming a make-up artist:

"When I was younger I wanted to be a make-up artist so I went to beauty school - it was going to be my thing to fall back on if music didn't work out. But in the end I didn't have that mentality - I put my all into making sure music happened."

She went onto discuss her own make-up preferences and revealed that there's one part of her beauty routine she skips before getting on stage: "I don't wear mascara because when I sing it drips down my face and that's not a pretty sight. When I'm on stage I'll wear false lashes for impact."

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