Interview with RnB, rap, pop artist Isaac Chris

So why don't you introduce yourself to our readers?

Isaac: It would be my pleasure if I were introduced to your readers. The opportunity was never presented to me until now.

When did you first get into music?

Isaac: When I was about 16 years old. Before that I used to sing in my local church’s choir.

What did you do before you started making music?

Isaac: I was a footballer. I never dreamed of a career in music. Football was all my life.

Did any songs or artists inspire you to start playing?

Isaac: Yes, artists like P. Diddy and Usher greatly inspired me. At a point in time, I was nicknamed after the former.

If so which ones and why?

Isaac: Coming from a poor neighbourhood, I never dated a girl of my first choice. They usually went for the rich schoolmates. I needed something that would make them not only to notice me, but attracted to me. I carried out a survey and P. Diddy, with songs like “I need a girl”, and Usher were considered to be the sexiest by girls. Therefore, I decided to make of them my role models.

Who are you listening to at the moment?

Isaac: At the moment I listen to a lot of artists including Usher, Tinie Tempah, Jessie J, Timberlake, Calvin Harris, Beyonce, Riri, JayZ, and many more.

How do your songs come to you?

Isaac: First and foremost, every inspiration I’ve got comes from the Holy Spirit. I’m not trying to be religious. This is absolutely true. He inspires me from my life’s events, from which more than 50% of my songs come.

Who have you been most excited to work with?

Isaac: Mo Brandis, David Wehinm and Martin Vito.

How was it for you?

Isaac: Very inspiring. They highly contributed to my musical metamorphosis. Impacted my style and shaped my vision of music.

Have you supported or played with anyone who inspires you?

Isaac: Yes and Not yet. “Yes”, with Justin Timberlake, but it was in a dream. “Not yet” in real life.

How was that for you?

Isaac: It was a sensational experience. We were performing a song I wrote titled “Come Back To Me” in front of tens of thousands of fans.

London By Night: How did this song come to you?

Isaac: I had finished selecting the songs I would want to put in my first album. Still, I fell like something magical was missing. The scenario of how Adele wrote “Someone Like You” and her album “21” immediately came into my mind. I was inspired to write on my first experience in Central London at night. I added a touch of love in it to make it more emotional and captivating.

Why the title?

Isaac: The whole song revolves around the beauty of a romantic ride in London at night. Why best than titling it “London By Night”?

What’s your most memorable musical experience?

Isaac: I have a few memorable ones. However, I will go for the Sunday I performed “Love One Another” in church back home. It was so emotional almost the entire congregation was in tears.

What are you up to next?

Looking forward to finding a sponsor or record deal.

Where can we find out more about your music?

More can be found on my website:

On youtube it’s “London by Night Isaac Christ

The track is available on iTunes, HMV, Amazon, CD Babyn just to name a few.

To buy this track with SMS for Direct to Mobile download, users should text track 9140 m or track BYNIGHT m to 80818 (Texts cost £1, which includes operator revenue share. UK only.)

To buy this track with SMS, users should text track 9140 or track BYNIGHT to 80818 (Texts cost £1, which includes operator revenue share. UK only.)

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