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Thursday, March 3, 2016 5:14am ET by  
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Miley Cyrus will leave the USA if Donald Trump becomes President

'We Can't Stop' sensation Miley Cyrus has revealed her shock and disappointment at the bizarre popularity of Donald Trump as a potential Presidential candidate in the USA. 

TV and business mogul-turned-politician Trump saw surprising success this week as the results of Super Tuesday proved that he is currently the Republican frontrunner, but this news disgusted Cyrus and she shared a post on Instagram about what it means to her country. 

The hitmaker has vowed to leave America if Trump becomes President and she shared a picture (shown below), which she accompanied with the following caption: "Yes. That is a tear rolling down my cheek dripping off the end of my nose... This makes me so unbelievably scared and sad... Not only for our country but for animals that I love more than anything in this world..."

"My heart is broken into a 100000 pieces. I think I may vomit. That picture on the right is so disturbing... YOU are not destiny! It is not your job to decide when a living thing's life is over & YOU DT ARE NOT GOD NO MATTER HOW MUCH YOU THINK YOU ARE!!! (& if he doesn't think he is "God" he thinks he is the f**king chosen one or some s**t! We're all just f**king jam between his rich ass toes! Honestly f**k this s**t. I am moving if this is my President! I don't say things I don't mean!)"

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