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Miley Cyrus gets tattooed by 'LA Ink' star Kat Von D

Former Disney starlet Miley Cyrus is the proud owner of a new tattoo that was done by Kat Von D, who rose to fame after appearing on the popular series, 'LA Ink'.

Writing on her official Twitter page earlier today (February 1), the artist, who also recently worked on a tattoo for Demi Lovato, explained that she created the simple design (pictured below from Von D's Instagram account) for the 'Can't Be Tamed' beauty yesterday:

"Loved tattooing @MileyCyrus yesterday! Simple symbols of friendship make beautiful tattoos. <3"

Although Cyrus is yet to tweet about the new ink, she did reveal some more information about her forthcoming new album as a result of not being able to sleep and she wrote:

"Dayum this record is getting crazy. @fucktyler @therealjuicyj @MacMiller @Pharrell @TheDoctorLuke @DaInternz @PopWansel @Oakwud. Ps that's just a glimpse in to the record. Can't sleep"





Watch Cyrus talk about her new music during an interview with Cosmopolitan here: