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Miley Cyrus' manager: 'Her new image is organic and healthy'

Larry Rudolph, the manager of former Disney starlet Miley Cyrus, has opened up about her dramatic makeover and admitted that she is maturing 'healthily' as both an artist and a woman.

Talking to The Hollywood Reporter recently, Rudolph explained that it's tough for a superstar like Cyrus to make the transition from being a child idol to sexy woman in the public eye although he believes she is doing a fantastic job of it:

"Miley is doing it now organically. There’s no such thing as ‘OK, let’s figure out the plan for growing up.’ It doesn’t work. The public sees through it in two seconds, and every artist who’s tried to do it has failed.”

He added that Cyrus is being true to herself and that is commendable in the world of celebrity:

"What you see now, this is her. Some artists have it, some don’t have it, in terms of the ability to make that transition. Most don’t, but you can’t plan for it. If you get to that point, you hope it happens. If it does, it does. If it doesn’t, then it wasn’t in the cards.”





Watch Cyrus' music video for 'We Can't Stop' below: