Hannah Elizabeth Releases Her New “No Good’ Single


Michigan native Hannah Elizabeth’s much anticipated single ‘No Good’ is finally released on SoundCloud.

The 22-year-old had her start in music at a very young age, and her single ‘Wild We’ll Run’ was released earlier this year. It offered a glimpse of what was to come, and had her fans and followers eagerly waiting for more.

‘No Good’ is her follow-up single and surpasses all expectations. You can appreciate this talented musician’s background as an accomplished writer when listening to her heart-breaking lyrics, which tells the story of a breakup without closure and the self-doubt we often experience after a broken relationship. Combined with her unique and soulful voice, and amid a dark and haunting musical background, ‘No Good’ takes listeners into a different world.

Produced and released by The Artist Refinery, it should come as no surprise that this single is already on its way to becoming a hit. Fred “Blaze” Crawford, CEO and award-winning writer and producer, knows talent when he sees it, and only works with a select group of musicians he believes are the finest. With over a decade of music experience, Fred “Blaze” Crawford was able to spot Hannah’s exquisite voice and lyrical prowess right away, and The Artist Refinery took her to the top.

Her music video release for ‘No Good’ is set to take place next month, and will be perfectly in sync with the track’s harmonic melody.

Listen to Hannah Elizabeth’s new single “No Good” here.




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The Artist Refinery is a full service music production company that serves as a one-stop shop for artist development, songwriting, production, artist management, consulting and music publishing. Award-winning producer Fred "Blaze" Crawford leads The Artist Refinery team with over a decade of experience in working with multi-platinum chart-toppers and talented newcomers alike. With a full roster of extremely talented writers and producers, we pride ourselves on being able to accommodate any musical need within any genre.

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