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Nicki Minaj on being such a multidimensional artist: 'I have always pushed the envelope'

Rap sensation Nicki Minaj has revealed that she enjoys embracing all the different sides she has and uses them to her advantage in her music career. 

During a new interview with the MailOnline, the hitmaker explained that she has more to offer than other one-dimensional artists and loves to showcase her versatility:

"I can be sexual, I can be lyrical and I can be emotional and you really don't find that a lot and not just with women but with men. Sometimes I think I put even more pressure than people would ever know. I have always pushed the envelope with lyrics and I always want people to say and talk about a dope Nicki line and I have always been that way."

Minaj, meanwhile, added that she believes her music and style has inspired other female stars to talk about things besides sex in their own songs: “I think that I have inspired new female rappers to not only talk about your vagina but to also say witty things that dudes say and put it in our own words and just be lyrical.”

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