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Nicky Minaj encourages people to go after what they truly desire

Nicki Minaj is the cover star of the April issue of NY-LON magazine. 

Minaj talks candidly about what drives her, she said:

"Really being a boss is all about adding to your résumé. “I’ve always been interested in business, and I’ve always been a businesswoman, before I had $10 to my name.”

“As women, it’s very challenging to do what we do, and be successful, and sustain yourself, and be creative, and still be respected.

“And the truth is, you’re never done proving yourself. But the most important part is to go after what you truly desire, versus what other people say you can or can’t have."

Minaj has recently started a joint venture with budget store, Walmarts, to stock her Myx Moscato wine range across America.

She also had a cheap fashion collection at KMart. Recalling her youth when she had no money but loved fashion, she said:

"It was important for me to make my fans feel like, ’You may not have all the money right now, but you better walk with your head held high and be confident, be proud of what you’re wearing, because you make the clothes.’”

(photos by Matt Irwin)

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Watch Nicki Minaj in action below:


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