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Nicki Minaj and Drake's kids would be "real creative"

During her whirlwind tour of London last week, female rapper Nicki Minaj gave Radio 1's Tim Westwood an exclusive interview that covered all kinds of topics. 

When asked about the ongoing rumours of hers and Drake's relationship, the 'Check It Out' star joked:

"I think (our children will) definitely have my personality,"

"My mother in law will be super beautiful, so that's good 'cause Drake's mom is freaking amazing. I love her. (Our kids will) have Drake's intelligence. They'll have his sarcastic wittiness that I love about him, and they'll have his songwriting skills."

"I think we'll just make a real creative bunch of kids"

She changed the subject by punctuating her answer with a rather blunt, but telling comment:

"Wait, did I just say that me and Drake will make kids?"

"I think that would be like incest or something!"

Check out a recent interview that Westwood conducted with Drake, in which he addressed the subject again, below: