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Nicki Minaj finds men who flaunt their wealth unattractive

In an interview with Cosmopolitan, Nicki Minaj has said that she is turned off by men who flaunt their wealth.

She says that she isn't blinded by their money:

"I may be smiling in their face, but my antenna is up... When they're trying to show off their cash or their watch, it's an immediate turn-off. I'm around millionaires and athletes every day who think, 'All I need to do is get in a room with Nicki Minaj' and they're gonna leave with my number... You can't run game on (try to trick) a rapper. I'm always 10 steps ahead of you."

The 'Super Bass' singer went on to describe her perfect man:

"I do like a dope nose profile, one that's straight on the side. And I like full lips. I've never kissed someone who didn't have full lips."

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