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Nicole Scherzinger: 'Exercise gives me clarity and makes me feel stronger'

Nicole Scherzinger has spoken about the positive impact exercise has on her life.

The singer told Cosmopolitan Body that she works out more for the mental aspect than the physical element.

The US star said: "[Exercise] changes everything about how I approach my day and helps me go about life with confidence – that’s the main reason I do it.

"It gives me clarity and makes me feel stronger. It’s not so much for the physical and vanity side of it. I do it more for the emotional and mental strength it gives me.”

"Healthy for me means a healthy mind, then everything else becomes aligned – the mental physical, spiritual…everything…Being happy means having balance, being creative and finding peace."

Scherzinger added, however, that she sometimes finds it hard to find the time to exercise:

"For many years I worked out every single day, but now I’m in my thirties it’s like pulling teeth. I gotta make myself work out – you need to find that balance."

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