New York City Pop/Dance Recording Artist, NOAH, has his first encounter with look-alike fandom!

NYC Bartender Dresses Up As the Newbie Pop Star, NOAH, for Halloween!

On Saturday October 25th at 9:38 p.m. the “New York is Dead” star, NOAH, received a text message with a photo that at first glance looked quite like himself. To his surprise, around the corner at his local British pub, Halloween had already begun and the Madhatter’s chief bartender, Conor Murphy, sported a bright pink and black half cocked cap, a NOAH tattoo, pink bowtie, sweatband, a Fame Kills Marilyn t-shirt, sunglasses, tight green pants and a sign saying “New York is Dead! “Out Now!” taped to his back.

The artist, busy at home promoting his new Billboardbound release, “Keep On Movin’,” stopped everything and went to join in the fun. “It is such a great thing to be recognized as a character… and even better as Halloween character,” NOAH laughs. The singer hopes to receive as much love in the UK as he does his local British haunt, with a major Radio, Club and PR campaign for his new single “Keep On Movin” just kicking off on the Great Isles and is scheduled for release on his new dance label, Icon Worldwide Music, which has just partnered with Label Worx UK for worldwide distribution.

NOAH’s “New York is Dead” dance single hit #15 on the UK Music Week Pop Charts on June 21st and his follow up Los Angeles themed single ‘No More Angels” hit #3 on the UK Upfront Music Charts and is expecting a Music Week entry in the coming weeks. Rumor has it that the singer has even started penning his own version of “London Bridge” to complete the mecca triology.

His new release “Keep On Movin” is slated to be a giant breakout hit for the independent artist, a personal song that chimes “I know where I’m going, because I know where I’ve been, and I’m never looking back again.” The singer left a 10 year office stint last September to reclaim his musical journey and to “catch up with destiny” as he puts it.”  "Keep On Movin'" was produced by NOAH and prodiigal UK producer, Ben Dabson a/k/a Radical Academy in Cardiff, Wales and hosts both a celebrity line up of remixes in addition to a cast of international talents on the rise.

You can listen to the Keep On Movin' Radio Mixes here.
To listen to New York is Dead visit here.
To listen to No More Angels visit here

For more information on NOAH please visit:
NOAH Official
Twitter: @Noah_Music

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