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Olly Murs on cracking the U.S. market: 'I'm taking steps, not jumps'

Cheeky hitmaker Olly Murs has opened up about trying to crack the music market in America and revealed that he was aware it would feel as though he was starting from scratch all over again. 

During a new interview with Idolator, the heartthrob explained that he understands that just because you're famous in one country doesn't mean that success will just translate to another and was prepared to put in the ground work to raise his profile in the USA:

"For me it’s always a bonus. I think it’s a bit of a reality check. Which is cool. In the UK obviously we do arena tours, we’re on front covers of magazines, you’re talked about in the press. Your music’s getting played every day on the top radio stations. All of a sudden, you’re starting from scratch so for me I was already prepared for that."

Murs went onto add that he's happy with taking it slowly and wants to put his all into cracking America: "Sometimes, it just happens. For me, I’m building it very slowly. I started in 2012-13 with One Direction and we did the tour here which was brilliant. We barely did any promo back then, it was just the radio stations. Now we’re just building this new album."

"We’re taking steps, that’s more important for me than taking jumps. I’m getting to know the market here. I’m getting to know my fans. I’m getting to know the culture. I know it sounds ridiculous because obviously we both speak the same language but the jokes are different, some of the sayings are different, so you have to adapt to it."

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