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Olly Murs still lives at home

2009’s X Factor runner up, Olly Murs, has revealed that he still lives with his parents in Essex and that girls aren’t allowed to stay over.

The ‘Please Don’t Let Me Go’ singer explained his situation in an interview with You Magazine, saying:

“I can bring girls round, but my folks wouldn’t let them stay. It’s not religion, they’re just an old-fashioned family, and it’s their home.”

He also opened up about the troubles he faced back in August after missing his Brother’s wedding due to X Factor scheduling:

“My family have been devastated. If it was a stranger I’d accept it, but he is my brother and it’s upsetting to think that he would do such a thing. I’m gutted that I missed his wedding and I love him very much. But he knows how much I wanted to be a singer and how much The X Factor meant to me. I’ll always love my brother and we have to move on now.”