Backstreet Boys acoustic performance of new single - video

Backstreet Boys perform acoustic version of 

new single 'In A World Like This' during Google+ Hangout!

During their visit to London the Backstreet Boys were joined be a lucky group of competition winners for their Google+ Hangout.As well as answering fans questions, they treated viewers around the world to an exclusive acoustic performance of their brand new single 'In A World Like This'.

Watch the incredible performance below (25 mins in)

Some highlights from the Hangout below:

Kevin on returning to the group - "I felt inspired. I felt the desire to create music again with these guys."  

On living together in London, they said: "After all we've gone through over the years, it was really easy. We've got a chemistry and an understanding between one another… it's like riding a bike. It was easy. We get along. We like each other!" 

On using their experiences from the past 20 years: "We are more patient with each other. Whe older we've got, we appreciate one another more. We communicate a lot better. Our tempers don't get fired up so quickly."  

On crazy fan experiences, Nick revealed: "A girl had us sign her bum. I got a cheek and AJ got the other cheek - and she went and got it tattooed!"  

On their 8th studio album: "We are trying to make music we like, music that excites us and hopefully we'll take the fans with us and maybe gain some new ones along the way." 

Backstreet Boys new single In A World Like This is out now [focus date - August 12th]The album, In A World Like This, will be released on July 29th. 

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