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Patrick Wolf to release 'Vulture' April 20

'Vulture' is the first single to be taken from Patrick Wolf's forthcoming, fourth album 'The Bachelor'. Marking a definite progression, both musically and personally, 'Vulture' is a glorious, swooping introduction to Patrick's new masterpiece. Inspired by experiences gained and suffered on the American leg of the 2007 'Magic Position' tour, Patrick recounts the emotional and musical influences behind the song.

Vulture is a collaboration between myself and the infamous electronic industrial genius, Alec Empire. I became a follower and fan of Atari Teenage Riot when I was 15 and it had always been a dream of mine to collaborate with Alec or one the amazing producers and noise makers that formed part of the Berlin Digital Hardcore Collective.

The lyrics are a product of a state of exhaustion and negativity that I found myself in half way through the long international tours of 2007. I finished writing the song over a beat that Alec had produced and sent to me from Berlin to Los Angeles, where I was staying in out of town motel waiting to hit prime time TV with a performance on the Jimmy Kimmel show. It was during this week of waiting that I ended up getting involved in some dodgy satanic sex games and exploring the many dark sides of Los Angeles. As a writer I try to throw myself into situations I feel uncomfortable with in order to learn about different aspects of human beings and cultures. I became obsessed with vultures and desert creatures after long drives in the Arizona desert and very soon the summer forest fires came to town via the Santa Ana winds.

After a week of exhaustion, hedonism and self destructive tendencies I was begging to see England, innocence and for a vulture to come down and take all the dead parts off my body so I could feel alive and brand new again. I guess I have been extremely influenced by a lot of modern pop production like Danja and Bloodshy & Avant. After three albums of being sole producer and songwriter, the experiment of collaboration and co-writing has been so exciting, rewarding and given a great energy renewal for me creatively and I can think of no-one better than Mr Empire to lose my virginity to. The song has only one acoustic instrument, The Stroh Violin (a one stringed violin with a brass horn attached) played by the wonderful David Coulter which I recorded in The Cures residential studio in Battle, last summer. Vocals recorded at The Dairy, Brixton and all Electronics in Berlin at Alec's Hellish Vortex studio (all programmed on the ATARI!).

Available on both digital download and 7”, formats will also include remixes from These New Puritans and Tobias Doppelganger. As previously announced, 'The Bachelor' is due for release on June 1st through Bloody Chamber Music which is funded via . Shares are sold at £10 and holders will receive exclusive benefits in addition to the album.

Full tracklists are as follows:

Digital Bundle:

Vulture The Tinderbox Thomas Doppelganger mix

The Tinderbox

Watch Patrick Wolf perform 'Vulture' live below: