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Peter Andre says the grief of losing his brother "caused me to shut my wife out"

Singer and television personality Peter Andre has opened up about how the death of his brother Andrew in 2012 impacted his life and marriage

During an appearance on ITV's This Morning earlier today, the star explained that the grief he experienced after losing his brother to cancer really affected the first six months of his marriage to Emily MacDonagh, which was difficult as the beginning of any marriage should perhaps be the most romantic and exciting:  

"She would talk to me and I used to just shut the door and shut her out. I told her, you have two options - go and do your thing and when I’m done we can talk. Otherwise, you can stick with it. This happened in our first six months - in the honeymoon period when things are supposed to be incredible. I only hope she needs me one day because she was incredible." 

Back in 2014, Andre told The Mirror newspaper that when his brother died his entire world changed: “Everything changed when I lost my brother. All my worst fears came out and I was a mess for so long. If you say ‘commitment issues’ it sounds like it’s from previous relationships. But my phobia came from losing him because I didn’t want to lose someone again.”

“That threw me into turmoil. But the genius Emily has made me so much better. What helped is that while I’m an emotional thinker she is a logical thinker. Honestly I don’t think I could have got through it without Emily. I would have gone into my own shell.”

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Watch Andre's personal interview on This Morning below:


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