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Peter Andre: 'I can't be away from my baby for too long on tour'

Singer and TV presenter Peter Andre has revealed that being away from his fiancée, Emily MacDonagh, and baby daughter, Amelia, when he tours the UK in September will be really difficult for him. 

Speaking to now magazine, the star explained that heading out on the road will be tough, but he will make his family a priority so anytime there's a stop nearby to where they are he will visit:

"We won't be apart for long. I'm on tour, but a lot of the time I'm going to be near where she's going to be. I can't be away from her or my little baby for long. It'll be a weird balance for three months, but we'll make it work."

Andre went on to add that he can't imagine not working, even with a new baby in his life, but he knows that they will make it work because there's trust and support between them:

"Me and Ems are going to be workers all our lives. I've been touring since forever. It's part of what I do. Everything I do now is to support the family. If you're lucky enough to work and lucky enough to have a bit of a home life, then you've got to do it, and I'm lucky enough to have it all."

Watch his music video for 'Big Night' below: