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Radiohead's new BFF is Ed Norton

Radiohead’s frontman Thom Yorke and guitarist Jonny Greenwood have lent their talents to the new Edward Norton film, 'Stone'.

Greenwood met with Norton, who is friends with both the musical maestros, and director John Curran while they were developing the script.

Norton told Variety, “Given the spiritual ties in this film, I started talking to him about this idea: What would you use to record this divine-like tuning sound? And he and Thom had been playing a lot of weird ambient stuff at the time and so, amazingly, they just unloaded tons and tons of files to us of these sound experiments that they had been doing.”

Greenwood is no stranger to the film business and wrote the soundtrack to 2007’s Hollywood blockbuster, 'There Will Be Blood'.

Listen to a snippet of Greenwood's film score for 'There Will Be Blood' below: