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Rizzle Kicks say modern hip-hop is 'misogynistic and homophobic'

Rizzle Kicks have criticised today's mainstream hip-hop for being "misogynistic and homophobic".

The British duo, who released their latest album 'The Roaring 20s' in September, told the BBC that they are put off by modern music due to its lyrical content.

Jordan Stephens said: "I can't listen to hip-hop at the moment. The stuff I'm hearing in the mainstream...it's overly-misogynistic and it's still homophobic. It does my head in."

The rapper admitted that "turns of phrases take a while to die out" and added: "But when it's vicious, I don't understand why you'd bother. Think of something more inventive to say. It's a cultural thing that needs to piss off, basically.

"I think it's even worse for women. I had an ex-girlfriend who was seriously up on her hip-hop, and I played her this song Clique with Jay-Z, Kanye and Big Sean. The first lyric is 'I tell a bad bitch do whatever I say'. And she just turned around and said, 'what's that?'. I don't think we know any women - smart women, who you'd want to be friends with, that would proclaim themselves as a bad bitch. If anything, the only women I've seen saying 'bad bitch' seem pretty insecure."

Eminem meanwhile was recently forced to deny in an interview that he is homophobic as a result of the words to his new track 'Rap God'.

The US star used the terms "faggot" and "gay-looking" in the song.






Watch Rizzle Kicks' 'Skip to the Good Bit' video below:


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