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Rizzle Kicks: 'We'd love to mentor confused kids'

Brighton based hitmakers Rizzle Kicks have revealed that they feel as though they would be good at solving other people's problems, unlike British TV host Jeremy Kyle. 

When asked why they have a dig at talk show host Kyle on their new album, 'Roaring 20s', the lads explained that while he's supposed to be helping people all he really does is embarrass and humiliate them on national television:

"Clearly, Jerry Springer is completely comical, potentially completely fake. Jeremy Kyle gets people who are near enough helpless and unable to ask each other simple questions like, "Is that my baby?" and embarrasses them on telly. What's he supposed to be? A therapist? Therapists don't do that. They're supposed to listen, not shout over people and remind them that it's the Jeremy Kyle Show. Remember Trisha? She was a saint. Her listening face was amazing."

Member Jordan then added that he'd be great at stepping into an Agony Aunt kind of role: "I'd open up the topics to things beyond the council estate. Things like, "I just did a degree in forensic science and realised I don't care, what shall I do with my life?" I'd love to mentor kids who are about to start year eight."









Watch Rizzle Kicks' video for 'Skip To The Good Bit' below:


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