A US Billboard chart hit, x4 Top 10 dance tracks and a United Nations anthem… with over 300k hits on her last video ‘Dizzy’, K-Syran premiers her new track 'Hudson River' on Press Party

Whirling wonderfully off the back of her spring single Dizzy’ which notched up over 300k FB hits and is currently pounding it’s way up the US Billboard chart, K-Syran now injects a summer vibe to the UK as she releases her new single, Hudson River’ on 28 July. With the radio edit produced by Philip Larsen and Chris Smith of the global team Manhattan Clique (Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Timbaland, Nicole Scherzinger) and a dance mix from Rich B and Phil Marriott, 'Hudson River' takes this international singer/songwriter into unseen musical dimensions, ahead of her forthcoming album ‘Dizzy’, set for release in October this year.

Hudson River’ is the ultimate fantasy. The lyrics delve deep inside the mind of a day-dreamer, painting a vivid and exciting musical canvass of their imaginary world which they constantly fantasize over – but their dreamy procrastination leaves them always missing out. A semi-biographical tale written by K-Syran whilst touring in the US at the start of the year, ‘Hudson River’ is a drum-driven cocktail of energy and inspiration-fused attitude from our Norwegian songstress. A perfect vibe for the long hot summer days.

Throughout 2016, K-Syran enjoyed collaborations with big pop names, global producers and some of the world’s most in demand DJs, as well as being chosen by the United Nations as the anthem for International Women’s Day with song ‘Intimacy’.  In the summer of ’16 her cheeky pop single Hello’ smashed into the US Billboard charts, where it stayed all season as she embraced the newly emerging ‘social’ era by delivering a Snapchat video to keep in touch with her fans. ‘Hello’ later became the anthem for World Hello Day in the Autumn of that year – proof that K-Syran’s music has the power to connect with the masses on every level. 

Earlier this year the Norwegian born pop goddess strode confidently into 2017 with her strongest music to date and one of the world’s hottest men hanging from her arm as she recruited the 6-pack help of the Legend of Tarzan stunt double to smooch with her on camera for the video of ‘Dizzy’, the first track taken from her forthcoming album of the same name. Maintaining the same high-pop energy of that first album track, K-Syran now takes us on a dream-scaped melodic journey down ‘Hudson River’. It’ll have your heart racing.

The single ‘Hudson River’  is released on Intimacy Records on 28 July.

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