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Scissor Sisters on their amazing fans: 'A straight man has our faces tattooed on his back'

The flamboyant stars Scissor Sisters have admitted they have no intention of calling it a day just yet because they're having so much fun together.

Despite having been together for over a decade, singer Ana Matronic told that the dynamic between the members is still fantastic and they will continue to make music together until the sparkle fades:

"After 11 years, it's sometimes really difficult to keep the fun going but it helps that we have fun music. No matter what, Jake and I always love to be on stage."

Referring to the band's fans, Matronic explained that there isn't a stereotypical Scissor Sisters listener and she knows a straight follower who even has her face tattooed on his back:

"All kinds of people go to Scissor Sisters shows, and not only do straight people go to shows - we had a straight person on stage proposing to his girlfriend, who is now his fiancée, and this man incidentally has all of our faces tattooed on his back."




"Our music is not made for one kind of person. It isn't just made for gay people. It isn't just made for people who go out to clubs. It isn't just made for people who like to dress up. It's made for everyone and that's the beautiful thing about music - it transcends boundaries."

Watch their music video for 'Only The Horses' below: