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Sean Kingston underwent open heart surgery and nearly died twice

Sean Kingston has opened up about the severity of the jet ski accident he was involved in back in June. 

The 'Beautiful Girls' hitmaker revealed for the first time since his solid recovery that he endured open heart surgery and other really serious procedures when he was brought into hospital, and his doctor said "he (Kingston) tried to die on couple times on us, but we just refused to let him die".

Speaking on the Today Show, Kingston explained: "It was a life of death situation. A lot of people don't know it was a deeper situation. I had open heart surgery and I had two other surgeries."

He was reunited on the programme with surgeon Antonio Marttos, who saved his life, and said of the accident, "as soon as I hit the bridge I got knocked out. My face was in the water, and that's what crushed my lungs because I was getting in so much water."

"The doctors came running and they did some other tests and they found that it was a like blood, a blood fusion around the heart and a torn aorta."

The star added, "it's a blessing. It's definitely, you know. God is great. I feel like I'm blessed, overcome a tragic situation. Definitely trauma and for me to still be here. It's only God's work. I think my work is not done. I think it was just like, you know, it wasn't my time yet."

Watch his video for 'Fire Burning' below: