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The Script want Adele collaboration: 'Her powerful voice and our emotional lyrics would work so well'

Irish pop-rockers The Script have revealed that if they had to pick someone to work with, it would be vocal powerhouse Adele because they love the tone of her voice. 

Speaking to MTV recently, the band's very own Mark Sheehan explained that a collaboration with the 'Skyfall' songstress would be ideal because her powerful voice would do their 'emotive' lyrics justice:

"I just said Adele because we write, you know, emotive music and there's not a lot of artists that kind of get it. I mean, a lot of artists have their own thing but I think Adele with the voice that she's got, with the kind of lyrics and melody that we write and stuff we'd make a great song together like."

He went onto add that it's unlikely the duet would ever actually happen because as a band, they don't really hang out with other music stars so aren't in a position to ask for a working partnership:

"But its always pointless this stuff because we're antisocial as a band. We really are. We don't really hang out with a lot of stars. We're always in the studio and it's really hard to turn around to a friend and say do you want to sing on this without being unnatural its really difficult."

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Check out The Script's 'Superheroes' below: