VANDIT Records Release Round-Up: 10 Of The Latest From Berlin's Finest


VANDIT Records have had a busy old time of it on the release front of late. Lest you missed any of their March Madness, here's the full skinny on their releases, which includes music from Genix, Ben Nicky, Las Salinas, Alex MORPH, Woody van Eyden, Judge Jules and, of course, the Mac Daddy, PvD himself, Full details below....


… ‘come to those that wait’, as that old maxim goes. But VANDIT say: ‘things get even better when you don’t have to!!’ In that spirit the Berlin’s sound merchants have pulled the ripcord on Genix’s spectacular new electronic music EP. Skydiving into stores today, the young middle Englander once again thwarts all attempts to pigeonhole his musical style with three tracks that deftly defy any easy categorization.

So open your mind… ‘cos only ‘Good Things’ await! 

The EP sparks its flint with housed-up drum loops, coiled around swiftly releasing, speaker-baiting filters. Charging up the break with its hazily delayed and impossibly atmospheric piano lines, Genix doubles down, dropkicking a whopping funk-fried Mylo-esque synth riff on the cusp of ‘All Good’s peak.

Crunchy percussion, deep beats and LFO intensity are the primers for ‘Something New’. Diving off the high board, it submerges in oceanic melodics, before putting the throb back into prog at the bottom of the drop. Backed by its oblique male & female vox drifts, Genix begins to release the side-chain compressors, winding it back up into an immense sound shaft. Once heard, not soon forgotten!

Rounding out the ‘All Good Things EP’, ‘Tryfan’ is the EP’s more minimally minded play. Powered by a progressive tempo, linear grooves and hissing industrial FX, its backlit by lucent harmonics and casually buzzed distortion.


01: All Good Things

02: Something New

03: Tryfan

Check the 'All Good Things EP' out via VANDIT’s SoundCloud here:


Canada is proving itself to be a very prolific A&R ground for VANDIT of late. Following Arnej’s co-op with boss-man Paul van Dyk last year, and more recently Eddie Bitar’s double-pack stomp-fest ‘Metal Mouth’ & ’Meloque’ last month, here comes Giddy to add to VANDIT’s Canuck influx!

Making his debut with ‘Stanza’ on Burner Records back in 2010, more recently Giddy’s been coproducing with regular studio compadre Jamie K. That union’s seen them ink tracks to labels as varied as Holland’s Black Hole Recordings (with ‘We’ve Come So Far’ & ‘Veritas’) and the UK’s Toolroom, with last year’s ‘Barrage’.

Back riding solo for this release, fans of Giddy’s more, melodically uplifting, sun-kissed vibe are in for gift with the release of ‘Halcyon’. With its quick catch/instant appeal harmonies, wistful flute-ish minor melodies and dancefloor whipping mainline, it summons summer at a good three months earlier than can reasonably be expected!   


01: Halcyon

Check 'Halcyon' out via VANDIT’s SoundCloud here:


Together, two guys called Chris have collaborated for their first co-op release for Germany’s VANDIT Records. As individual producers, the Berlin-based producers have worked on music for a number of frontline artists, Afrojack and Thomas Gold being but a couple. A means to a stylistic end, ‘Telling Tales’ sees them cumulatively reach musical pastures new.

With the release the pair collectively step out of their respective comfort zones to fuse a new sound, one that draws percentile inspirations from the fields of classic house, trance and the progressive. 'Telling Tales' synthesizes dramatic, striking orchestral hits, chiming organs & piano lines and zooming FX. Built around a dynamic trance-end tempo, it alternates between big emotional drops and floor elating lifts.


01: Telling Tales

Check 'Telling Tales' out via VANDIT’s SoundCloud here:


Someone’s been putting something in the water down VANDIT way! For their next release they take a temporary departure from planet trance, heading down into the netherworlds of deep, deep vocal house. They’ve brought together the vocal talents of Tricia McTeague (most recently heard on Protoculture’s ‘Burning Bridges’) with the mysterious, masquerading-under-a-new-name producer Eranga for the astonishing absorption ’Welcome’.

Cut from classic deep house cloth (think: Kupper, Chandler, Deep Dish, Mood II Swing, etc), Eranga lays down a production platform of low-slung tribal beats, crisp minimal percussion and cool, tightly checked licks & beautifully curved sub-riffs. Having previously collaborated on songwriting with esteemed producers including Narada Michael Walden and Nile Rodgers, and having supported Lionel Ritchie, Elton John, Pink and others, Tricia’s vocals are in a class of their own. She lends ‘Welcome’ an extraordinary lyrical infiltration and vocally emotive pathos that’s quite impossible to ignore. Dark, moody and minimal; sometimes less is more.  


01: Welcome

Check 'Welcome' out via VANDIT’s SoundCloud here:


If there’s one thing that’s been missing around the VANDIT ramparts of late, it’s arguably a honest-to-goodness, laser raisin’, floor-blazin’ vocal trancer!! Step forward then Mr. Ben Nicky, to put an end to this unholy drought and floor-side get those collective vocal chords lifted. He’s gotten together with singer/songwriter talent Chloe Stamp to create the impossibly catchy, deliriously uplifting ‘Brave Heart’. 

Cut at full-blooded trance speed, the track beats a path to the floor with running b-lines, 808 drums and 303 acidics. Dropping into the break, Ben intros Chloe’s calling, siren-song harmonics, backed by pad & chord wash and lump-in-ya-throat pianos. With her heart-on-sleeve lyrics and angelic tones stamping their sear on the break, Ben hooks in its thunderbolt mainline and splits ‘Brave Heart’s atom!

Nano-genres, do-one. This is trance, served plain, straight and most uplifting!!

Check 'Brave Heart' out via VANDIT’s SoundCloud here: 


01: Brave Heart 


He’s back! Judge Jules is a man who needs no introduction (though we’re probably about to give him a quick one anyway!). Past master of everything from raves to the airwaves, he’s also a producer no stranger to VANDIT’s discography. Over the last few years’ tracks like ‘Collide’ (with Christina Novelli), ‘The Attack’, ‘Phenomenology’, ‘Fiber’ and others have all left crater-deep impressions on dancefloors. Of late the electronic music impresario has been back in the studio flash frying another speaker-reaper!

‘Monte Carlo’ finds the Judge at his most pure, driven and out-and-out trancey.    

 ‘Monte Carlo’ roars to life with echoing vocal harmonic loops, super-loud claps, toughened drums, stretched, delayed FX and chords & pads-laden highs. Quick drops, with just as fast kick-drum bring-backs, the track walks the cooler line between melodic bliss an uprocking euphoric! 

A tune that have crowds on their toes from Amsterdam to Zanzibar and all points in between (yes, we’re thinking Monte Carlo!), this one's got summer pathfinder written all over it.


01: Monte Carlo 


With a disc wallet fair bulging with hot new VANDIT Records material and only nanoseconds to go before Miami’s WMC and MMW season goes hot, Paul van Dyk has compiled a mix-showcase of the label’s hottest latest & upcoming material. ‘VANDIT Records - Miami 2014’ is a 12-track packed outing, with new studio-fresh audio from the label’s ever-flourishing talent base.

In and among its house rhythms, proggy atmospherics and trance cornucopia are tracks from faithful label quartermasters including Judge Jules, Alex M.O.R.P.H. & Woody van Eyden, Las Salinas, Maarten de Jong and a host of others. It also contains fresher to the VANDIT fold producers, with music from Ben Nicky, Eddie Bitar, Jordan Suckley and Genix to mention but a few. Miami’s here: time to get VANDIT! 

With a more than a hint of south Floridian flavour, the future club hits come to the mix quick. Following up their celebrated ‘EVOLUTION’-born ‘Verano’ and ‘Symmetries’ club rockers, the VANDIT boss has been back in the studio with Miami’s resident house/prog master Austin Leeds. ‘Parranda’ is the thunderbolt result, which sets a mighty precedent for the release.

On their (right on time!) latest ‘Miami’, Tristan D & Ideal bring it cooler, housier grooved élan, as do Chris Bekker & Chris Montana with the incredible Sebastian Krieg Remix of 'Telling Tales'.

Progressive trance? No sooner said than serviced on ‘VANDIT Records – Miami 2014’! Genix’s ‘Tryfan’ (part of his just-released ‘All Good Things EP’) and Las Salinas & Sue McLaren’s forthcoming, mesmerizing ‘Break the Spell’ up the mix’s atmosphere ante.   

Raising the tempo with a flurry of punch-packers are Eddie Bitar, Maarten De Jong and Jordan Suckley. Respectively, the title track from his latest EP ‘Metal Mouth’, the techy TKO of ‘Red & White’ and Suckley’s sonic sucker punch ‘Access’ build the album’s tough-trance characteristics.    

Over on the harmonic side, Judge Jules’ entrancing ‘Monte Carlo’ and Giddy’s ‘Halcyon’ furnish the mix with transfixing melodics, while Alex M.O.R.P.H. & Woody van Eyden ‘A Night Outside’ and Ben Nicky’s ‘Brave Heart’ kick out the floor-quenching euphoric ballistics!    

If you’re in the neighbourhood come the night of Thursday March 27, you can catch many of the artists collectively rock that VANDIT Records AllStars party at Miami’s Dream club on Washington Avenue. For your sonic pleasure, Alex M.O.R.P.H., Woody van Eyden, Las Salinas, Maarten de Jong, Tristan D, Ben Nicky, David Forbes, Judge Jules, Kaeno and Chris Becker will all bring the sound of VANDIT live & direct to Miami.

If not, well fear not! ‘Paul van Dyk Presents VANDIT Records - Miami 2014’ will deliver a very fair taste of the action direct to your door, bright and early March 21st! 


01: Paul van Dyk feat Austin Leeds – Parranda

02: Genix – Tryfan

03: Las Salinas & Sue McLaren - Break the Spell (Original Mix)

04: Judge Jules - Monte Carlo

05: Tristan D & Ideal - Miami

06: Chris Bekker & Chris Montana - Telling Tales (Sebastian Krieg Remix)

07: Giddy - Halcyon (Original Mix)

08: Maarten De Jong - Red & White (Original Mix)

09: Alex M.O.R.P.H. & Woody van Eyden - A Night Outside (Original Aluminium Mix)

10: Ben Nicky feat Chloe Stamp - Brave Heart (Original Mix)

11: Eddie Bitar - Metal Mouth (Original Mix)

12: Jordan Suckley - Access (Original Mix)



With Judge Jules’ latest VANDIT release out, about, and raising the Fahrenheit on club floors allover, in the space of a single release the label leap from ‘Monte Carlo’ to ‘Miami'. Last year’s Tristan D’s collaboration with the Judge (so fittingly titled ‘The Verdict’!) brought the English ex-pat/now Cali-residing producer to VANDIT’s attention. Three months later they’d inked his and Tangle’s ‘Vertigo’ coproduction, which in turn picked up some heavy rotation from many an A-list trance decktition. 

Now, just in time to catch the full heat draft of the Sunshine State’s Winter Music Conference, Tristan is back, this time partnering with DJ Ideal, with something that has a fraction more of the house flavor about it.

Tristan & Ideal's ‘Miami’ vision starts, tonally, deeper down the scale, through its bass booming, tribally progressive intro.

It ain't hanging around there very long though! Working in brighter, house-ier percussion loops, strikingly echoed ebony & ivory piano lines and a majorly infectious, high-on-life synth notes, its mercury rises fast. With the quick release filters and spring-loaded FX dropping yet more house flavour into its mix, it rolls down the windows, drops the top and show the bass button some love!

Catch some ‘Miami’ madness from March 24th!


01: Miami



Alex M.O.R.P.H. rocked it clean off the grid in 2013, culminating the year with his ‘Magnum’ release for VANDIT (“so tasty you’ll want two of them!” & “seriously annihilating floor-flooring gear” proclaimed MIXMAG!).

Now, for his next strike, he’s putting the old team back together! Of late, Alex has been back twiddling knobs (both studio and turntable) late into the night with clubbing comrade Woody van Eyden. Eagle-eared listeners, who saw them cause all manner of floor uproar at the WMC VANDIT AllStars night during last week, will already have seen ‘A Night Outside’ make the biggest of debut splashes. 

With a coproduction history that stretches back to VANDIT’s ‘Turn It On’ release in 2008, with ‘A Night Outside’ M.O.R.P.H. & Van Eyden may very well have aced the lot!

The track is built around a buzzing nucleus of atomic kicks, BHP bass and a full-force don’t-mess BPM! Clearing the intro, Alex & Woody swing angelic harmonies, echoing piano lines and more than a trace of soul-touching emotion into place.

 As it reaches the apex of the break, there’s plenty enough juice left in ‘Night’s production engine to deliver a euphoric payoff that’ll leave the floor reeling!


01: A Night Outside 


With ‘Say Another What’ (their last outing, alongside Genix), Las Salinas’ Israel Bicher and Shaulli Harrari picked up a DJ Mag Single of the Month award and a mass of cross-party deejay support. Their follow-up sees them leave the land of the instrumental and head for pastures altogether more vocal. Having previously cast her lyrical thrall over his ‘We Come Together’ track, label boss Paul van Dyk has put the Tel Aviv-ians together with vocalist Sue McLaren for ‘Break The Spell’.

The 'Spell's overture comes loaded with long, held harmonic vocal sweeps, which develop the mellowest types of in-club drama. To that Las Salinas begin to apply symphonic string pressure and dramatic orchestral hits, priming the stage for Sue’s vocals. 

Immersed in elegiac pathos, she drafts both lament and lift into 'Break This Spell'. Running the full emotional gauntlet, her lyrics bring it the same heartfelt spirit that turned tracks like ‘Sun After Heartbreak’ into modern club classics.

 Adding to their evermore impressive canon (which has now come to include ‘Stone Pony’, ‘Chipsy Kings’, ‘Bada Bing’, 'Nothing Lasts' and ‘San Antoni’), Las Salinas are now ready to break hearts and charts with their most touching, brilliant production to date.

The ‘Spell’ is broken March 31st.   


01: Las Salinas ‘Break The Spell’ Original Mix ‎

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