Jordan Suckley's Access Out Now On VANDIT Records

The atomic audio conjured out of Jordan Suckley’s north England studio has long been the cornerstone of both the Goodgreef guardian, and a litany of other decktitions’, sets. Having already released tracks on many an established label - Liquid, Subculture, Discover, Reset and Perfecto Fluoro among them - VANDIT had long been looking for the right Suckley release to sign. When the demo of ‘Access’ popped into the Berliners’ A&R inbox, they knew the search was over.

‘Access’ has all the marque sonics that go create another can’t-miss Jordan floor-flayer. Thumping drums, titan bass and long held string notes are all amplified by his expert sequencing and precision arrangement. Also included in his production lexicon, loud striking concussive percussion, floor-stimulating sub-riffs and a master-blasting tech-trance crescendo. Through it ‘Access’ doesn’t so much unlock the door to peak-time… as kick it wide open.  


 01: Jordan Suckley ‘Access’ Original Mix

May 6, 2014 1:16pm ET by Stark Profiles PR   Comments (0)

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