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Tulisa describes new unauthorised biography as ‘load of rubbish.’

Tulisa has slammed a new unauthorised biography about her life, describing it as ‘a load of rubbish.’

The X-Factor judge, who is the subject of a tell-all book by Sean Smith, took to Twitter last night to advise her followers not to buy it.

She said: “Just want 2 confirm the fake autobiography that's out about my life at the moment is unofficial. Its is also a load of rubbish & not even Close 2 the reality of my life.

“Duno y people r allowed 2 get away with that shit.Pls dont buy it n waste ur money.Anyway..real 1 is out soon”

The 23-year-old, who was tweeting whilst on a night out in New York with Rita Ora, went on to express her appreciation of her fans, whilst also blasting her haters:

“Nuff luv 2 all the muffins n ndubletts, 4 eva thankful 4 ur support #shoutout2thefans

“N as 4 all u fuckin haters...u can kiss my fuckin ass #gettingpaid#bothered? Gdsgdhdhdhdh hahaha.” 




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