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Tulisa on her perfect man: "He needs to have bigger balls than me"

Tulisa Contostavlos has revealed that her ideal man needs to have "bigger balls" than she does.

The singer, who is resuming her role as an X Factor judge this year, has opened up on what she is looking for in a man.

She told X Factor Insider that she wants a partner with a "massive" set of balls - not physically, that is. Tulisa said:

"I want a man who has a massive pair of balls; not physically but mentally! He needs to have bigger balls than me without feeling the need to prove that he has bigger balls. It's important that he accepts that I have balls too."

The 'Live It Up' star also took time to dismiss rumours that she is a "needy" girlfriend, describing herself as anything but. She added:

"There were stories doing the rounds that implied I was 'needy' in relationships. Me? Needy? Never! I'm an independent lady; I don't chase after guys and constantly call/text them. To suggest I'm a bunny boiler was really insulting as I'm the total opposite. Where boys are concerned, it's usually the other way round."




Watch Tulisa's 'Live It Up' video below: