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Tulisa admits she flirts with Caroline Flack on nights out

Tulisa has revealed that she and Caroline Flack often flirt with each other during their nights out together.

The 24-year-old, who released her autobiography, 'Honest,' this week, told the Daily Mirror that she and The Xtra Factor host have become good friends since she joined the talent show:

“Me and Caroline like to party hard. We’re the last ones to go to bed. I don’t know what it is about Caroline but when we get pi**ed, we flirt with each other. It’s a cheeky girl thing.

"I’ll go, ‘Come on, Caroline, give us a snog’, but we never have. I don’t think we’d take it to that level, but with nutters like us, who knows?”

The ‘Young’ singer, who admits in her new book that her relationship with 2011 judge Kelly Rowland became strained, also claims that she’s no longer looking for love:

“I did have a change in male attention when I went blonde. When I first became single I just partied like mad for ages and I became bored with it.

"Then you think to yourself, ‘Is it the right time to meet someone now?’

"But I’m bored with thinking about it to be honest. I’m over it - I’m not looking any more. They come when you’re not looking. That’s when it happens, so you never know.”




Watch behind-the-scenes footage from the video for Tulisa's 'Live It Up' below: