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Wretch 32 to help Ed Sheeran branch out into rap and hip-hop

Wretch 32 has revealed that he is on hand to help Ed Sheeran try out more hip-hop and rap.

The 'A Team' star is most known for his acoustic singer-songwriter leanings, but he has occasionally deviated into more urban territory.

However, rapper Wretch 32 told the Daily Star that he is up for helping Sheeran if he needs some guest rap spots - as long as he gets some singing or guitar in return. He said:

"Me and Ed have been working together for years. I would help him out if he helped me out with my singing or guitar playing, we need to do a trade. He loves his rap for sure, you never know where he's going to go because he appeared on Labrinth's EP rapping with me and Devlin."

Wretch continued: "He loves all that, I'd love to hear him do more. The great thing about working together now is that people are finally paying attention as we're getting bigger."





Listen to Wretch 32's new single 'Blackout' below: