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Sunday, June 10, 2018 12:23pm ET by  

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Olly Alexander on Rita Ora: 'She was pushed to come out as bisexual'

Years and YearsOlly Alexander feels that Rita Ora was pushed to come out as bisexual.

Speaking to Metro before jumping onstage at Wembley Stadium for Capital's Summertime Ball yesterday (June 9), he said: ‘I think the whole situation was a bit grim because it feels like Rita was forced to come out. Which I think was quite sad and I felt sorry for her.

But we have to listen to the voices in the community who did have a problem with the song and how bisexuality is represented is important to people.

'There is a lot of erasion that happens with bisexual people, so I understand the backlash, but I think Rita has been dealing with it pretty well and I support her and I support the girls on that song.’

The 27-year-old added: ‘But we have to think of a better way to tackle these sore topics so people feel more inclusive and celebrate everybody and not shut people out.’ 

Watch Years and years perform 'Desire' at the Capital's Summertime Ball below:

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