MTA Festival Brings Chinese Talent & Innovation for the Future of Music to SXSW on 3/15/18

Hosting First-Ever Official SXSW Showcase for Chinese Artists: 8:00 PM - 2:00 AM at 3Ten Austin

For Immediate Release - Los Angeles - March 6, 2018 - Leading music brand MTA Festival and industry peers will represent China at SXSW 2018 all day on Thursday, March 15 beginning with a meet-up and happy hour followed by a panel discussion on what lies ahead for the Chinese marketplace.  The day concludes with "China Night" a showcase performance of the regions' top talent curated by MTA.

China Night showcases six acclaimed musicians in China: post-punk rockers FAZI, Moxizishi X Jikehabu X 3He, leading Taiwanese band Ruby Fatale, electronica project SHAO; female vocal punk band SUBS; and Second Hand Rose; famous for their hyperbolic visual spectacles and deemed one of China's best live bands.


Second Hand Rose 二手玫瑰
Named for the signature rose singer Liang Long often wears behind his ear and the notion that rock in China is a second-hand endeavor, Second Hand Rose revels in taboos and tweaking the establishment. For their performance at the Workers' Gymnasium, they brought pig statues on stage to reference the line "a group of pigs fly to heaven" in their song "Allow Some Artists to Get Rich First" - an allusion to Deng Xiaoping's slogan, "let some people get rich first" as China began its embrace of capitalism.

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SUBS is a pretty, prickly flower grown from the grime and soil of China's punk scene - direct, powerful, reckless, unrepressed, and a bit strange. They define their own inimitable style, mixing hardcore, emo, garage, and new wave, streaked with influences from post-punk, psychedelic rock, synthcore, and art punk. They insist on being true to themselves in an environment lacking in a strong DIY ethos, preserving a feeling of innocence in their attitude towards making music.

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Shao Yanpeng, previously known under the moniker Dead J, is one of China's leading electronic artists and a sought after composer and sound designer. Shao began making electronic music in 2002. Influenced by classical, oriental, philosophy, and Industrial German and Bauhaus ideals, his music explores the relationship between sound and space.

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Moxizishi X Jikehabu X 3He  莫西子诗X吉克哈布
This project is a fusion of roots, folk music, and electronica. Moxizishi is 3 famous musicians: folk musician Moxizishi, Yi nationality folk & root musician Jikehabu, and pioneering electronic musician 3He. They are planning a special show for SXSW.

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Ruby Fatale 鹿比 ∞ 吠陀
Drenched in the unique atmosphere of stoner/doom/glitch music and violent aesthetics, Ruby grabs ideas from literature, geometric figures, and her own experiences.  She likes to tell a story when she performs with an industrial and cold sound, that creates an anxious atmosphere with incidental beautiful instrumental sounds. Ruby always arranges her sets to dramatically to lead audiences through both contrasts within dynamic/static situations and ancient/modern ages.

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FAZI (formerly The Fuzz) is a Chinese post-punk indie rock band formed in Xi'an in 2010. Their music brims with abundant vitality, moves its audience from the inside, stirring anger in their calm. On stage they're like a perpetual motion machine, relentlessly generating captivating noise. Their music points directly to your heart, simply but powerfully.

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MTA Festival creatively fuses diverse and radical emerging music, technology and art at their events.  From 2016 to 2017, more than 80,000 people attended their events at Sky Desert, a magical, famous landscape located in Northeast Beijing, China.

Since it's beginning, MTA has been working towards an international vision of becoming a recognized brand beyond China's music marketplace.  Director of Programming Warren Chien brings his experience, along with Festival Founder Hongjie Li (aka CheiZak) to that effort, from their choice in line-ups and content programming, to launching their Sky Desert series. The first-ever MTA LA will take place in Pasadena, CA in the fall of 2019.


The newly launched Chinese music festival, MTA Festival, is stepping into the league of SXSW and Coachella, making a unique Chinese cultural symbol and emerging global music festival brand under the desert stars 90km from Beijing at Sky Desert. The Festival is a collection of trending music, the experience of emerging technology, multimedia art performances, installation art exhibitions and much more. With their amazing spirit, artists will transform the desert into a new galaxy, creating a dreamy experience of antigravity, surrounded by nine "planets" The Beijinger

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