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5 Seconds Of Summer: 'We're surprised that girls like our band because people hated us'

Australian pop-rockers 5 Seconds Of Summer have revealed that their success came as a real surprise because no one used to like their band when they were just starting out. 

Drummer Ashton Irwin told the Sydney Morning Herald that their rise to fame has been incredibly fast-moving and it seems like only yesterday they were performing to barely-filled rooms and to people who didn't respect them:

"People hated us. They told us we were bad every single day. We used to have to go and play shows with metal bands at the Annandale pub. We had barely any fans but they would be so dedicated and coming to the Annandale Hotel when you are barely 16 and a girl is not ideal."

He added: "But you have to suck at the beginning and you have to have crap for instruments and not be able to afford stuff and work from the bottom for the band to grow."

Irwin went onto admit that the female attention they receive now is great because at school being a musician wasn't considered to be very cool: "We are still surprised that girls like our band. If you weren’t a footballer then you weren’t attractive. But it’s cool that girls like our band. We’re very lucky people want photos with us because one day they won’t."

Watch their interview with the Sydney Morning Herald below: