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Niall Horan says dramatic fan gesture nearly "broke my collar bone"

Irish heartthrob Niall Horan has opened up about the extent girls will go to in order to get his attention.

The One Direction singer spoke to The Bert Show and recalled a particularly surprising incident that saw a fan hurl an expensive mobile phone with the key to her apartment attached to it onto the stage while he was performing:

"So I’m standing on the edge of the stage an iPhone cello taped with a house key taped on there comes flying at me.”

Bandmate Harry Styles chipped in and joked that the note taped to the iPhone was of a very naughty nature, but refused to go into detail on the record: "There was a rude note attached. We will tell you when we’re off air... Rude as in graphic."

Horan added that although the enamoured follower probably thought it was a cute gesture, it's impossible to see into the crowd from a stage with all the lights on and he could have been injured by the flying object:

"The crowd think we can see them just because they can see us but we can’t. When the spotlights come, we can only see as far as the spotlights. I see it at literally the last second. I slapped it down because otherwise it would’ve broke my collar bone.”




Watch Horan and Styles' interview on The Bert Show below: