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Adam Lambert on 'Glee': 'This is a great exercise in being an actor for hire'

'Trespassing' superstar Adam Lambert has opened up about playing the role of Elliott 'Starchild' Gilbert on hit U.S. musical series 'Glee' in a new interview with ITV's 'Daybreak'. 

Speaking to the host Ross King, the hitmaker explained that acting is something he enjoys very much so taking part in the show is a way to prepare him for other possibilities:

"This is a great exercise in being an actor for hire. They said, 'we'd like you to guest star in the show and this is what we have for you, this is what we wrote.' I think they based some of it off of me, so it's not too far of a stretch, but it's a whole new experience for me. It's cool."

When asked about the glam rock period and how it inspired him, Lambert added that it has always been something he has been into and it seeped into his character on the 'Glee':

"I've always really identified with that because of the theatrics, fashion and the rock and roll. It's something I was gravitating towards before I was on 'American Idol', for example, and I've always cited that movement in rock as something that inspired me."

"You know Queen - early Queen - was very camp and glam rock. I think they based Starchild's audition, which is his first scene, on wanting to be that type of performer."






Watch the full interview below:


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