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Coldplay prefer stadium gigs because they don't smell as much

If Coldplay had a choice they would always play stadiums rather than smaller venues because they don't smell as much. 

The 'Fix You' stars recently revealed that intimate venues always mean that there's more heat and, in turn, smell worse. The group's frontman, Chris Martin, told coldplay.orange.fr that he prefers the space that comes with performing at a stadium:

"In the smaller places people can smell you more, which is a bad thing, because we get hot. A stadium is, in some ways, easier because no one is offended by the way you smell."

"But there are also advantages to smaller venues, there's a lot of firey energy and even slow songs sound very powerful and, of course, I love seeing my favourite artists in small places. In the small shows you can see every person's facial expressions, you can see if they are on their mobile phone, you can see everything, so it's a bit more nerve wracking."

The band recently played the world famous festival Rock In Rio and you can watch part of their fantastic set here: