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Jason Derulo: 'I started hitting the recording studio when I was 13'

Jason Derulo says his musical beginnings started at an early age.

The singer told Billboard that he wrote his first song - for a girl he had a crush on - aged 8.

He added that his first foray into recording studio work came five years later.

Derulo said: "My mom says I was an introvert. I never saw myself that way, but I was always focused. I didn’t spend a lot of time doing things that I didn’t think would make me great.

"I studied all kinds of dance, all types of music. I got good grades. I started hitting the recording studio around 13.”

The US star may now cut an athletic figure, but Derulo added that he wasn't too fit as a child.

He said: "I had a lil’ chub-chub moment from ages 7 to 11. If somebody was teasing, they’d go straight to my fat. I was so insecure, I kept my shirt on in the pool, which is the worst because it sticks to your stomach anyway. I never wanted to go back."

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