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Scissor Sisters star's music industry concerns

Scissor Sisters member, Jake Shears, reveals it's hard to be in a band in this day and age because it's cheaper for record companies to sign solo artists, and given the current economic climate, is far more lucrative.

The 'I Don't Feel Like Dancing' singer felt the pinch first hand after his band's European tour was cancelled last year due to a funding issue, and recently announced that he has written a musical for the stage, so is wisely branching out to other projects. He told Seven Days magazine:

"The fact of being in a band at this moment in time - I don't know if you've noticed but there are not many bands around. It is a very expensive proposition to be in a band. That's why a lot of record labels are signing pop stars and individuals. It's expensive to tour and that's the bottom line."

Watch Scissor Sisters perform 'Running Out' here: