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CIA frisked Jedward’s quiffs

Irish duo Jedward recently became one of the few groups to enjoy an audience with President Barrack Obama during the leader's visit to Ireland. However, they had to pass a rigorous series of security tests first.

The twins had to be interrogated by the Secret Service so as to determine their mental stability – a test which John and Edward passed. Then, after the questioning, the pair were searched for weapons in their clothes, shoes and even their famous six-inch quiffs.

John told the Daily Star: “We had to have big security checks before we were allowed to meet him.

“They scanned our bodies and searched us to make sure we didn’t have anything we shouldn’t have. They even searched our hair to make sure we weren’t hiding any weapons in there.

“They kept poking our quiffs and messing up our hair,” he explained. “We then had to have a personality assessment to make sure we weren’t crazy and would attack Obama.

“But in the end the President and his wife Michelle loved us. Michelle even invited us to visit the White House and see their daughter.”

Check out Jedward and fellow Irish group Westlife performing for President Obama below: