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Jedward: 'We're survivors of negative press and bullying'

Irish twins John and Edward Grimes, known as Jedward, won't put up with bullying and recently took a stand against some cruel remarks made by their former manager Louis Walsh. 

Walsh was recently asked by Woman’s Own magazine to describe the most embarrassing moment of his career was and he replied that working with the twins was at the top of his list: “Working with Jedward and putting them through on The X Factor.”

The lads have now hit back at the uncalled for criticism. They appeared at the launch of the Diana Award Anti-Bullying campaign this week and told that they're no strangers to handling negative press and have just learned how to rise above it:

“I think me and John out of anybody, we’re like survivors from negative press or bullying or ex-managers or anything. We are always striving forward, he’ll be in the old people’s home soon so it’s all good."

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Watch footage of Jedward talking at the anti-bullying launch below:


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